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you started a podcast but... 

The editing is taking foreeeveeerrr...

You're always editing the night before the podcast is supposed to be released because no matter what you do, the editing always sets you back. 

Creating the marketing materials is a task you would love to delegate because it's not your zone of genius. 

Well, how about we partner up and leave only the podcasting on your plate?

I didn't just pick up editing. I have a BA in Music and Audio Engineering so you're podcast is in good hands. 

I can also give recommendations on what equipment to get and best practices for recording good quality audio if you are just starting.


I've worked on these awesome shows!

Final Tilt Parenting Podcast Cover Art.png
Well Notes by Kaitlin - Podcast Graphic Suite (3).png

audio editing rates

Monthly Package:


-Editing for 4 episodes (up to 1 hour in length)

-1 Branded audiogram for social media sharing per episode

-1 Square branded image for social media sharing per episode

-Transcript you can use for SEO, show notes and social media quotes

-Uploading to your distribution site (Libsyn, Anchor, Podbean or other)

per episode rate:

For episodes up to 45 min: $150

For episodes up to 1 hour: $180

For episodes longer than 1 hour (up to 2 hours): $250

Includes audio editing, noise reduction and light mixing.

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